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Backcountry Repair Kit

What's in your pack?

The backcountry Repair & first aid kit is always being tweaked and upgraded.
Here's a list I compiled for some aspiring guides that wanted to know what I carried.
My kit is constantly morphing depending on the group, the season, trip duration, and the objective.
It often includes some of these items, but never all of them.

Repair & First Aid Kit suggestions for the guide:

Multi Tool: Including pliers, knife, scissors, file, screw drivers, can opener, and more…

Duct tape (3M or similar) 1 or 2 small rolls. NOT on your ski pole.

Ski strap: (Voile) 2 or 3 for ski trips

Zip ties: Numerous uses

Pole repair: Tent and/or Ski pole: pre-rigged, commercial, or improvised…

Steel wire: Numerous uses

Dental Floss: Numerous uses (plus big needle?)

Garbage bag (lg. black): bivi sac, garbage, melt water, and more

Garbage bag (sm. Kitchen): poop, garbage, and more

Produce bags (super light & free): vapor barrier for cold feet, garbage, and more

Pen/pencil/sharpie & paper: be ready to document, leave instructions, and more

Accident report/ soap note: Ready to go.

Batteries: AA & AAA

Pole basket: Very handy on those ski trips

Pack buckle: could save the day

Latex Gloves: half dozen, tons of uses

Headlamp: mini BD Ion as back-up

Rubber bands: Weighs nothing, can be handy

Flagging tape: Mark your route, tent, cache, or for chopper pilot to check wind direction? Can be handy. Reflective?

P-cord: Tents, Boots, drying line, tarp set up, and on and on. 50 ft?

Tweezers: Very handy on occasion.

Safety pins: Various uses

Binding buddy: By BD for your ski trips (w/ posi drive and other bits)

Allen Wrench: Predetermine what size might be needed for boots, bindings, etc.

Steel wool: Tighten or Loosen binding screws. Don’t need much, but when the screw is about to be stripped it can be a lifesaver.

Various binding screws: For your ski trips, t-nuts, consider a nail to break thru the top sheet as well.

Five min epoxy: could keep the screw in place till you get to the trailhead?

Ski & Skin wax: could save the day on those ski trips

Ski scraper: Consider mini Swix combo plastic & steel

Lighter: One in the top pouch of your pack and at least one more in your repair kit. (waterproof matches as backup)

Zip lock bags: Tons of uses

Gore-Tex tape/patch: These handy patches are like tape that can be cut to the shape you want and stick well to jackets and whatnot. A Big step up from slapping on a piece of duct tape that will eventually look nasty and become a mess.

Sam Splint: Very handy while doing a WFR course, and probably found on many multi week Outward Bound courses. But, a bit too heavy & bulky for my liking, and a little too limited in its function to make it into my pack.

Iodine Tablets: Water treatment.

Seam grip: tent repair, and ??

Trauma Shears: Although I have scissors on my multi tool, these can be very handy if you are constantly doing blister work on your clients.

Benadryl: Chewable

Blister kit: second skin, mole foam, duct tape, and various other pads, and what not

Wet Ones / Sani wipes: Client care

Antibiotic cream: Client care

Band-aids: Client care

CPR Mask: Client care

Ace Wrap: self-adhering is handy

Advil & Tylenol: Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen. For all sorts of situations.

Sunscreen & Lip balm: Client care

Balaclava: Client care

Hand/Foot warmers: client care

Guide Tarp, Bivi Sack, Space Blanket, or similar: Light is right

Rescue Sled for BC Ski trips: Brooks Range, Rescue Bubble, Alpine Threadworks all make rescue sleds

Stove Repair: See MSR repair kit
GPS, Spot device, Map, Compass, Cell Phone, Altimeter, FRS “Motorola” Radio: You pick, make sure you got all your bases covered!

Crevasse Rescue on the Hotlum Glacier