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The Backcountry Film Fest comes to Northern California in Feb.

Film Fest logo

You can still get Tickets for the Backcountry Film Fest in Berkeley and Tahoe! February 9th at Clif Bar HQ and Feb 10th in Tahoe City.

Winter Wildlands Alliance created the Backcountry Film Festival in 2005 to help grassroots and professional filmmakers to show audiences their love of the winter outdoors. Since then, the annual festival has been shown in many towns and cities around the world, and raised thousands of dollars to help efforts to preserve our winter environment.

Now over half a decade old, the festival highlights the fun and magic of our country’s winter backcountry. At the same time, it raises funds to help Winter Wildlands Alliance and our grassroots groups to continue to protect wild areas throughout the country.

The Backcountry Film Festival website details HERE

Check out the You Tube trailer:

Airbags, i-Probes, & Avalungs! what are we talking about???


Airbags, i-Probes, & Avalungs:
Believe it or not, we’re talking about backcountry ski gear. Specifically, avalanche safety gear. With 100’s of products on the market these days it’s hard to know what it all does, and just what it is that you really need when you’re skiing beyond the boundaries. A shovel, beacon, and probe are still the standard, but what about all this other innovative gear? I’d argue that a lot of the new gear is great, and could be just the ticket if you’re in a particular jam. (Although none of it compares with education, training, and years of backcountry experience). So the question still remains, what products do you buy?

Avalanche Courses & Backcountry Skiing for winter 2012


Finally have a flyer for Winter 2012. Avalanche courses and Backcountry skiing dates listed!

Classic Rainier adventure

Looking back up Rainier after the climb

Here is a blog entry from Andy. A client of mine on Mt. Rainier last year. It's not a short entry, but he tells a good story and you're sure to chuckle a few times. He goes into great detail, from pre-trip training in Texas to the actual climb.
Here's a little teaser.
"To be honest my lungs, legs, and brain had all become separate entities that I had spent the last two hours (of our five hour push to the summit) arguing, cajoling and pleading with – sometimes in my head and sometimes out loud. Apparently Lungs and Legs were not happy that Brain had gotten us into this....."


Expedition Behavior

Here is a short article I wrote for Sierra Journal for those who enjoy time away from it all.
"After a few days away from civilization, everyone starts to change, values change, etc, etc.... Suddenly, people must make their place in a new society based upon what they can actually do and what they really are.”