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Mt. Shasta Breast Cancer Fund Climb - May 2010


Dear Friends & Family,

This is an annual event for men and women who come to climb Mt. Shasta as survivors of the disease, or who climb in honor of a loved one. For the last 7 years I have had the privilege of guiding this climb and helping raise money for this worthy cause. In the past I have donated part of my wages to the BCF, this year I have decided to set a fundraising goal of $1000, and am looking for some help from you.
We have all been touched by this disease, and can help the Breast Cancer Fund defeat it by: donating some of our time, some money, and helping to increase awareness. The BCF is different from many other cancer related organizations because it identifies and advocates for the elimination of the environmental and other preventable causes of the disease. A growing body of scientific evidence is linking breast cancer and other cancers with exposures to environmental toxins. Rather than trying to simply find a cure, the BCF wants to prevent the disease from ever stepping into our lives.
The annual climb is a powerful event, and it is the first piece of guide work I put on my schedule each year. Please consider supporting this great cause.

You can simply click on this link and go to my BCF donation page. It is quick and easy.

Donate to BCF Climb Against The Odds LINK


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