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Ski mountaineering in Chile! Sept. 18th - 26th 2015

Another blue bird day of skiing corn!
A little assit with the approach!
Hot Springs in Chile
Sunset with a cold drink...
Jorge is stoked!
Stoking the fire in our cabin

We are headed back to the Lake District of Chile for more Volcano skiing 2015. Join us! More photos and links at bottom of page...

Chile ski mountaineering wrap-up from 2013:

The Lake District of Chile treated us to some unbelievable weather this year. Sept. is springtime in Chile and we were fortunate to have multiple sunny days with killer corn skiing! We got in six days of skiing, (out of eight total in country), and found ourselves summiting three out of four different volcanoes. Earning our turns on the mountain by day, and enjoying local hot springs or a classic Chilean “Asado” by night. Our small group of backcountry skiers climbed and skied Casablanca, Puyehue, Osorno, and Villarrica, volcanoes this year! Raising the bar for next year’s guests!
This trip is unique and a ton of fun for a host of reasons: Flying to Osorno Chile is relatively quick and easy. The volcanoes we climb are not exceptionally tall requiring acclimatization, or exceptionally technical to climb. The distance between objectives is minimal. The Chilean seafood, steaks, and wine are world class. And between the mountain huts, hot springs, and the cool towns of Puerto Varas and Pucon the days are a blast no matter what the skiing conditions might be like.
Check out the photos from the trip! and stay tuned for the 2014 dates. Cheers, Rich Meyer

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