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AIARE Avalanche Class Follow Up

Rich Meyer - AIARE Level 1 Follow Up:
Greetings Avy 1 Students!
Here is a handful of educational resources as promised!
Cheers, Rich

Last updated: Dec 2018


Sierra Avalanche Center:

Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center:
This is the Hub for all the avy centers & has a Ton of helpful inks
(Online tutorial as well!)

National Avalanche Center
Educational links and tutorials

American Institute For Avalanche Research and Education:
AIARE - nonprofit educates avalanche educators & provides curriculum

Suggested Reading:

Avalanche Essentials: by Bruce Tremper
Short (sort of) and to the point!
Great intro to avalanche awareness..

Snow Sense by Jill Fredston & Doug Fesler
A classic, Great intro to avalanche awareness.

Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain by Bruce Tremper.
This would be my first choice!

The Avalanche Handbook by David McClung & Peter Schaerer
Another excellent text.

Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering
Martin Volken, Scott Schell, Margaret Wheeler (Authors)
Well done.

American Avalanche Association:
Avalanche Review: Where the snow geeks publish their work.

Avalanche Accident Reports:


Case Study/Video: Well Done !
"Snow Fall" by the New York Times:

Case Study/videofrom Canada: Well Done!

Powder Magazine online: "The Human Factor 2.0".

"Know Before You Go"
Utah Avalanche Center - 15 min educational video

Bruce Tremper talks with Sportgevity about airbags:
(this is worthwhile!)
approx 4 min

A dozen More Turns:
Film by Amber Seyler (this may draw tears. approx 30 min)

Steep is a 2007 documentary about extreme skiing written and directed by Mark Obenhaus. Steep explores the history of extreme and Big Mountain Skiing. 2007 (good history lesson with some avalanche activity!)

Some quick basics from Bruce Tremper (blog post published by SnowBrains)

K2 Elevated Education:
A handful of short videos on backcountry skiing techniques and avalanche skills:

G3 University:
Short videos on BC skiing skills & mountaineering skills:

High Fives Avy Awareness video:

Beacon Basics:
Beacon Check before you tour:

Beacons & Phones & Radios don't necessarily play well together:

“How To”: Videos:
Including the Extended Column Test (ECT)

Common snowpack tests and instruction (25 min):

The Fine Line Avy Education Video:

Avalanche in Engelberg: 10 min video with some good "go-pro" detail of accident, terrain info, and more still photos for perspective...

App to determine slope steepness: $3.99 ?

"Guide Pace" app for your smart phone.
Good way to dial in your time plan for the day.

Mammut Safety App for your phone: FREE
Measures slope angle and more

Online Guide Books to Tahoe:
Newer offering: "Ski Tahoe"

Lake Tahoe BC ski maps:

The Backcountry in Truckee has an online "guidebook" as well:

The BC repair Kit: extended version :)

Skin care & maintenance:

"CalTopo" online topo maps. You can click shading to see slope steepness.

"Gaia" Topo Map app:

"BCA" - Backcountry Access App, measure slope angle, do some trip planning, and links to avalanche websites and advisories.

Phil Endicott - Topo Maps for your phone.