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Storm Door


Storm door…

Whether you are in Alaska, Antarctica, or the Alps, it’s going to happen (often you’re even praying for it). The storm door opens, the snow begins to fly, the wind starts howling, and the avalanche danger goes thru the roof. If you’re a local, you can feel good about kicking back and waiting for the sun to come out and things to settle. If you have the time and the budget, you can hop on that train or plane and reset your location. For those who don’t have that option, it’s time to get creative.
Setting ski mountaineering goals that include bagging big peaks or big classic lines often means waiting… A lot has to come together for everything to work out as you’ve been imagining for one, two, maybe more years? After you’ve done all your prep, you’ve got to put a date on the calendar and buy the ticket. And often repeat if when it doesn’t work out on the 1st, 2nd, … you get the picture.
Here are a few photos taken from a few “down” days when we couldn’t access the high alpine terrain.