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"After climbing Mt Rainier with Rich I jumped at the chance to join him in Ecuador. The program was well balanced, organized, and had a great mix of mountaineering and local Ecuadorian culture. The huts and Haciendas were more than comfortable and we ate like kings for two weeks straight. Rich’s vast experience always made me feel safe, the acclimatization strategy, in my opinion, led to success on each volcano we attempted. Rich has a great way with people, which is sometimes hard to find. This was an amazing and personally rewarding trip! I would highly recommend climbing with Rich"  
- John Geraghty, Norwell, MA


"Rich is one of those rare guides who brings the whole package: total competence and backcountry skill set combined with a super encouraging and grounded attitude toward helping clients achieve their personal best. He knows the importance of giving back to the outdoor community and of taking care of the places we play. And he definitely knows where to find the goods. All of us at Winter Wildlands Alliance are stoked to work with Rich.
-Mark Menlove, Executive Director, Winter Wildlands Alliance


"Rich, Thanks so much for showing me such a great time, keeping me safe, and steering me to the best snow in South America!"
- Andree Falls, NASTC Ski trip, Portillo, Chile


"I met Rich, who served as our lead guide, during my successful summit of Mt. Rainier during July of 2008.  I was very impressed with his professionalism, total concern for climber safety, and his knowledge of the mountain and of mountaineering in general.  There was never a time when I felt unsure about the safety of our climb.  Not only does Rich provide strong leadership on the mountain, but he is also a lot of fun to be around.   I hope I will have the opportunity to climb with Rich again."
- Steve Porter


"I had a great time on my trip to Mt. Shasta. Rich and NASTC created a trip that was perfectly balanced between backcountry education, safety, and our goal of reaching the top of Shasta. I was amazed at the way Rich was able to pace the group and make it a positive experience for each individual. I look forward to the next time I have the opportunity to join Rich on one of his classes or expeditions. He is very aware of his mountain surroundings, and does an excellent job communicating and educating everyone in his group."
- Nick Herrin, Crested Butte Ski School Director. Mt. Shasta Ski trip


" Rich seemed to know just how important making the summit was to me. I had been preparing this (prairie born and raised) body for nearly a year, but I still needed all the encouragement I could get. Rich was there for me."
- Galen Erickson, Mt Rainer summit climb


" In May 2009 I joined Rich on a 5 day Denali Preparation course on Mount Shasta. This was one of the most enjoyable climbs I’ve undertaken, and also one of the most informative. I experienced pulling a sled and carrying a pretty hefty backpack, while snowshoeing our way up to Horse camp and then into Hidden Valley. All the while Rich provided us with great training on snow camping, crevasse rescue and glacier travel. Rich demonstrated a vast knowledge of mountaineering and gave great tips generously. The camps were well organized and the guides made every effort to provide us with delicious food. On summit day the climb was well paced and I always felt in safe hands roped up with Rich. We had spectacular weather going up the west face and I would definitely do this climb or any climb again with Rich. Overall this was a great expedition."

- Eamon Thornton


"I first met Rich as the lead guide on my Mt. Shasta expedition in 2007, but soon came to think of him as a trusted climbing partner. Rich did what great guides should: allow me to rely on my own abilities, but provide support should the need arise. Rich is a solid climber and a professional guide, and if he wasn't married I'd probably let him date my sister."
- Tim Folger


"Rich took us on our first backcountry ski trip in Tahoe.  We had an awesome two days; couldn't ask for a better guide!"
- Philip and Dave


"Rich was one of my guides on Mt Rainier summit in July of 2008. It was my first climb and I had some anxieties. I could tell after just the first few minutes that I was in good hands. He has so much knowledge of mountaineering and helpful tips for climbing. He had a great attitude and many encouraging words the whole time, which helped when, I was mentally fading towards the end of the summit push. I always recommend contacting Rich to friends when they are thinking of climbing! He was awesome!"
- Kate